Your Animoto slide show is more than just a slide show of pictures. You will demonstrate your research findings with images and maps, diagrams, and hopefully you will discover some primary sources along the way. Each photo must depict some pertinent information that you have discovered while studying your topic.

Before the slide show can be completed, students will create lines of text for the pictures. The lines of text have the following guidelines:
Line 1: 22 Characters or Less (spaces and punctuation count as characters)
Line 2: 30 Characters or Less (spaces and punctuation count as characters)
Create your lines of text in Word and use Word Count to help you.

Copyright Issues: Some people do not like to have their photos copy/pasted from the Internet. Be careful in using Google Images. Since we are not publishing these slide shows to the Web, we can use them, as long as they are not protected. Use Culture Grams, and other resources to find pictures, too.

You will receive a user account/ password from Mrs. Wodlinger. You will not need to sign up for your own account. It has already been created for you and you will not need to submit your name to anything.

You will SIGN IN (NOT SIGN UP) in
A username and password has already been created for you.
Everyone will be given the same email address but with a different number after the username. The email address is redlandsmiddle(your number)
Each password is: redlandsrocks
We have an Education Plus account set up which will give us the rights to create full-length videos.

Other students will be using your account number. We have over 90 students and 30 accounts set up. Please be respectful and considerate. Do NOT edit or delete another person's video slide show. Remember how much work you've put into this project. It would be a tragedy to have someone delete or destroy your project, wouldn't it!