Mrs. Ross

6th Grade Social Studies

Canada/U.S. : The Shared History and Geography of Two Nations

December, 2011

Project Description:

Students will research the United States and Canada to discover how they share common threads of history and geography.
Students will learn and discovery how the United States and Canada are defined by key cultural, political, and economic characteristics.

Students will apply their research in creating an Animoto slide show presentation depicting their findings.

Suggested Topics for Research:

  • The Roles of Great Britian and France in the History of the U.S. and Canada
  • The Canadian Shield and the Impact of Natural Resources on Canada and the United States
  • Glaciers and the Formation of the Great Lakes
  • Cod Fishing Regulation and the Fishing Industry in Canada and the United States
  • How Canada has become a Cultural Mosaic and a Plural Society
  • Canada's role as a Peacekeeper Nation

Timeline for Project:

November 28 and 29 - Research. Finish research at home.
November 30 - December 2 Introduction to Animoto and research for photos.
Create captions for photos in Word.
Week of December 5: Work on Animoto projects in classrooms. Create Works Cited page in MLA 7 format. Mrs. Wodlinger will instruct you on how that is done.

Kylee's notes